Tomorrow on Cinema Is Incomplete! January 21 8pm 

Ka Bel (2011) (Mayday Multimedia) | 51 mins.

A remarkable story of how an ordinary son of the peasant class became a Filipino working-class hero and internationalist. His granddaughter, Jane, among the Morong 43 political prisoners, narrates his story, weaving recollections by his wife and co-workers. The documentary attempts to make visible the Filipino worker, his and her family, the urban poor and especially the women who, in seeking change, have contributed immensely to and have been enriched by his life and struggle.

Sa Ngalan ng Tubo (Mayday Multimedia & Tudla Productions)| 30 mins.

A video documentary that chronicles what happened on November 16, 2004 when seven people died at the picketlines of the Hacienda Luisita in Tarlac. Millworkers and farm workers of the sugar refinery and plantation owned by the Cojuangcos, one of the wealthiest landed families in the Philippines, went on strike. Their demands were met with a volley of gunfire from military and police. Beginning with the history and background of the land issue, the film builds the tension gradually, leading up to the actual footage of the Hacienda Luisita incident, when even the filmmaker holding the camera had to run for his life.

OPEN SCREEN : the open screen section allows anyone from the audience to discuss and play a film of his or her choice after the regular program. Just bring your DVD or file and unless there is an objection, we’ll play it. Open screen section is also open to: 1) film critics and film bloggers who would like to share films that they love or films that they hate or even just a film they want to see with an audience and 2) filmmakers or students who would like to test run their films to an audience for initial critique. Why not?

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